When’s the last time you felt unstoppable?

    Think back to the last time when you felt focused, excited and powerful. When new business opportunities flowed like water, every day was fun, and you were happy with your life.

    Remember how unstoppable you felt? Now, imagine having that feeling back.

    You can.

    My name is Heather Lloyd-Martin. I’m known as an SEO expert — and I also coach smart business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs who are tired of going it alone, feel stuck and need a new perspective. Why? Because I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs reclaim their business joy and work at their full potential.

    I work with smart folks who have tried to figure stuff out on their own, but they keep hitting the same brick wall every time.

    They feel…”meh.”

    The result? They take on projects they don’t like. The money isn’t that great. The buzz and excitement is gone.

    Instead of unstoppable, they feel stuck.

    Maybe this sounds like you. If so, you’re not alone.

    I can help you in two ways…

    Strategic business coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs

    I help you get out of your own head, move the mental stuff out of the way, and finally take action. The result? You can boost your effectiveness. You can overcome your blind spots and reframe your challenges. You can finally feel like you’re #crushingit again and enjoy that flow.

    You can finally feel like you again.

    During our time together, I’ll ask a lot of questions and help you untangle what’s in your brain. Our chats are designed to examine your current process and mindset, optimize your performance, and set measurable, actionable goals.

    Because you already know the answer to having everything you want. I just help you find it.

    Instead of relying on “that’s how it always is,” we’ll look at other clear, focused ways to accomplish what YOU want. Instead of being in your own brain all the time, your mind will be free to examine other, creative options.

    Our conversations benefit your bottom line – and your life.

    SEO content strategy and writing

    If you choose to pivot your brand or marketing, my 20-years experience in the SEO writing world can help make the process easier (Forbes even called me,” the pioneer of SEO copywriting.”) I can consult with you and your team on SEO content strategy topics, and get you — and your site — on track.


    For twenty years I’ve written content for others. Maybe you feel it too? Same old, same old dragging you down? I realized that wasn’t quite fulfilling as I thought. Then I had my conversation with Heather. Fascinating, insightful and inspiring! In about 30 minutes she asked the power-filled questions that led me to voice what I wanted to do: to edit and proofread as an added alternative to my writing business. The beauty of Heather’s insightful tact is she intuitively knows the what’s next before you even voice it. “Be intrigued,” she says. “Now, what are you looking for?” Heather’s coaching supports anyone to grow faster and with greater predictability. Great job!

    I’ve lived an entrepreneurial life for over 20 years. I’ve built an agency, launched products, established myself as an expert, and built a successful brand.

    I’ve also been where you are right now. My business grew to the point where I needed an outside perspective to help me do what I love to do.

    Today, I’m working with smart entrepreneurs like you who want a successful, thriving business and fun business. I’m a unique combination of Certified Professional Coach and business expert that can help you look at your business – and your life – from all perspectives.

    Want to join me? C’mon this will be fun!

    Contact me for a no-obligation 30-minute
    business coaching strategy session.