Freelance Writers: Here’s Why the Word No Is So Powerful

I've written three, totally different newsletter drafts over the past week. But when I got up this morning, I felt compelled to share the most powerful word in my personal and professional arsenal right now. No. Why am I writing about the power of saying "no" when I could be writing about links or content or writing yet another piece of Peloton marketing brilliance? Because many of you are struggling.  As we've discussed before, you're probably not working at peak efficiency -- no matter how much self care you're able to enjoy (assuming you're able [...]

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Are You Fired Up? Or Frozen?

Are you so overwhelmed, you can barely function – much less strategize an editorial calendar or write? Are you operating in an "I'm just doing the bare minimum" mindset? Last week's newsletter touched a nerve. After hitting "send," I was flooded with responses about what you're dealing with. You're marketing your tails off, but you're not getting business. You're stuck in a job that doesn't appreciate your talents. You know you're capable of "more" – but you don't have the energy to figure out what "more" means. You remember when you used to be a [...]

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What Are You Tolerating?

I did something scary last week. After a 15-year relationship, I finally broke up with my hosting provider. Sure, their service was generally okay. But, there were always these little annoyances I'd have to work around. Some of them cost money. All of them cost time. I'd wake up at 3 a.m. thinking about bandwidth issues or slow server speeds. I stayed with them purely out of inertia and the fear of how much it would cost to move somewhere else. Today was the final straw. (Mansplaining? Really?)  I knew it was time to stop [...]

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