Yes! It’s OK to Stop Providing That Service

I have a confession. I've hated blogging for clients since the beginning of blog time.  I've tried. It's not my thing. That's why any blogging leads automatically go into my "refer to one of my students" file. Here's why I bring this up... A new coaching client of mine (::waving to her::) admitted that she also hates blogging. She's sucked it up all this time because her clients asked for it -- and she wanted to know if it's OK to stop blogging and to focus on white papers instead (what she loves writing.) Here's the [...]

2020-11-18T17:38:22+00:00November 18th, 2020|Working with clients|

29 Reasons to Fire a Client (Yes, It’s OK to Do!)

Does it feel like you need permission to fire a client -- especially now? I get it. I do.  It's easy to put our needs on hold and think, "I don't love working with this client, but it's not so bad." At the same time, you may be losing sleep, dreading the work, and wishing that the client would just...go away. Here's a news flash... Life is too short to work with clients who don't serve you. The sooner you can (lovingly) release a client, the sooner you can find a better fit to fill their shoes. [...]

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