Want to Change Your Freelance Writing Niche? Yup, It’s OK

Once upon a time, when I was first starting my SEO writing career, I wrote content for cosmetic dentists. I mean, a LOT of content. I wrote around 20+ pages a week for multiple clients. Sometimes more. To this day, I can still wax poetic about cosmetic veneers, dental implants, and teeth whitening. Oh yes, I'm very fun at parties. :) For some folks, focusing 100% on one client niche is heaven. For me, I lasted about a year before I started going nuts. I wasn't thrilled about landing new cosmetic dentistry clients. I didn't want to write [...]

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Freelance Writers: Here’s Why the Word No Is So Powerful

I've written three, totally different newsletter drafts over the past week. But when I got up this morning, I felt compelled to share the most powerful word in my personal and professional arsenal right now. No. Why am I writing about the power of saying "no" when I could be writing about links or content or writing yet another piece of Peloton marketing brilliance? Because many of you are struggling.  As we've discussed before, you're probably not working at peak efficiency -- no matter how much self care you're able to enjoy (assuming you're able [...]

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What Are You Tolerating?

I did something scary last week. After a 15-year relationship, I finally broke up with my hosting provider. Sure, their service was generally okay. But, there were always these little annoyances I'd have to work around. Some of them cost money. All of them cost time. I'd wake up at 3 a.m. thinking about bandwidth issues or slow server speeds. I stayed with them purely out of inertia and the fear of how much it would cost to move somewhere else. Today was the final straw. (Mansplaining? Really?)  I knew it was time to stop [...]

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Freelance Writers: Choose Just One Thing

Are you still feeling scattered and overwhelmed  -- even if you feel that you should be "over it" by now? You're not alone. Although pandemic-style living almost feels "normal" after all this time, our stress levels are still sky high. Between COVID-19 concerns, worrying about our loved ones, social injustice, and wondering if it's safe to get a haircut -- our brains our full. And that means coming to terms with certain realties: The workload you could handle in January is probably not the same workload you can handle now -- no matter how good you are. Your [...]

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Freelance Writers: Is Fear Holding You Back?

Is your fear holding you back from SEO copywriting success? At first read, you may think, "Fear? My fear isn't holding me back from success. Things are great!" If you work in-house, you may think... "Our home page copy isn't the best, but it's ranking well. I don't want to change it and cause our rankings to drop." "I hired a VA a few years ago. Her work was horrible. I'll never outsource again. It was a dreadful experience." "I know we need to do something with our site, but what if it doesn't work? [...]

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Why Being “Too Nice” Can Hurt Your Business

Let me tell you a story...one that may feel slightly familiar... Once upon a time, I was working with a new client who begged me to start work before receiving a deposit. He promised the check would arrive in "just a couple weeks." One week after he needed me to finish his project. Which means I'd complete the entire gig before getting paid a dime. Normally, I'd refuse and say that I don't start writing without a retainer.  But in this case, the client had a sob story about annoying accounts payables processes and his boss with unrealistic deadlines. Plus, he was [...]

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Afraid of the Future? Here’s How to Handle Major Uncertainty

I can't sugarcoat this: Right now is a time of tremendous uncertainty. We open our laptops and learn about yet more coronavirus cases. (Tom Hanks? Say it ain't so!) We hear about travel restrictions and the horrible news from other countries and watch people hoard toilet paper and think... ...this is it. Business is going to tank. A recession will hit any day. My job is toast. I wish I could tell you that things are business as usual and we can safely ignore what's going on around us. Sadly, I can't. Consultants and freelance writers are [...]

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Why You Should Ignore the Naysayers

Last week, a man said something that stopped me in my tracks. As some background: I took a VO2 max test to measure my aerobic endurance. How did they test me? I wore a full face mask while running all-out on a treadmill.  It was great fun.  After I recovered from the experience and could finally process information again, the trainer explained my results and asked how I old I was. When I told him, his response was (and, yes, this is an exact quote...) "Wow, you're on the decline!" I could almost hear a needle scratching a [...]

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Why Haven’t You Done “It” Yet?

Do you have the nagging feeling that you should be doing something...bigger? Maybe you've always wanted to freelance -- but, it's so hard to leave the security and stability of your day job. (Yes, even if you hate it!) Maybe you want to go after bigger, better clients -- but, putting yourself out there and marketing yourself feels scary. So, you rely on Upwork for jobs. (Yes, even if the jobs are low-paying.) Maybe you have a BIG income goal, like making six-figures or building a profitable community. But, when you start planning, a little voice [...]

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When to Ignore Helpful Advice

Has someone ever given you unsolicited business advice that hurt you rather than helped? For instance, comments like... "A recession is going to hit any day now. You may hate your job, but maybe you should consider staying for the security. After all, what if you don't make any money?" "Are you sure you're experienced enough to go after that client?" "Aren't you scared to do that? Maybe you should try something else, just to be safe." Entrepreneurs and freelancers hear comments like this all the time. I bring this up because I have a doozy [...]

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