Do you look at other writers and think, “How can they write so much so fast? There must be something wrong with me”?

Do you beat yourself up because it takes you hours to write a blog post?

I have bad news for you, my friend.

It sounds like you’re suffering from a bad case of FOWS.

Fear of writing (too) slowly.

Symptoms include:

• Reading “writing hacks” articles that teach you how you can write a 1,500-word blog post in 15-minutes (and then feeling like a failure because the hacks never work.)

• Drinking lots of caffeine to try to speed up the brain/fingers connection.

• Undercharging for every blog post you write, because you think you should be able to “write faster than that.”
Fortunately, I’ve got the cure for FOWS.

Cold, hard facts.

Here’s the real deal about “writing fast.”

It’s not possible to write a 1,500-word blog post, complete with research, in one hour. Or two hours. Even if you think you “should” be able to do it.

Heck, I couldn’t do it. Nor would I want to try.

In fact, I just came across a 2020 study by Orbit Media Studios that shared it took respondents almost four hours to write a blog post.

(According to the same study, the average blog post length was 1,296 words.)

So, these guys weren’t cranking out fast copy. They spent the extra time to do it right.

Is spending the extra writing time worth it? Yes. In fact, 31 percent of bloggers who spent six-plus hours blogging reported “strong results.”

If you think about it, the statistics makes sense. Even if you’re an incredibly organized writer, the process takes time. Your first draft is never your final draft. It takes time to create different headline variations.

And that’s not even counting any back-and-forth edit time with the client or your boss.

On the flip side, you know that that extra time will pay off with happier readers, better positions, and more backlinks. You put in the hours because they make a difference.

So, the fact that blog posts take a long time to write isn’t because you’re slow. Or, you’re a bad writer. Or, you haven’t discovered the perfect time-saving hack yet.

It’s because you’re putting in the necessary time to make your blog posts the best they can be. Which is what Google wants, too.

That makes you a careful and conscientious writer. Not one that’s “too slow.”

FOWS is another thing that you can let go.

Whew. Doesn’t that feel good?

Two side notes for my freelancing friends:

  • Keep your writing time in mind when you’re bidding new jobs. If you know a 2,500 blog post will take you around 10 hours, make sure to get paid for that time.  Don’t bill on a mythical amount of time that something “should” take you. And, don’t let the prospect decide for you.
  • If a prospect offers you $50 for something that will take you four hours, consider if taking the gig is worth the time. If the price doesn’t work for you — and the client won’t negotiate — it’s OK to let it go. There are other, better-paying clients out there.

What do you think?

Have you worried that your writing was way too slow? Are you going to send this newsletter to your client who believes that writing 1,000 words should “only take you 30 minutes or so”? Leave a comment and let me know!