Want to Change Your Freelance Writing Niche? Yup, It’s OK

    Once upon a time, when I was first starting my SEO writing career, I wrote content for cosmetic dentists. I mean, a LOT of content. I wrote around 20+ pages a week for multiple clients. Sometimes more. To this day, I can still wax poetic about cosmetic veneers, dental implants, and teeth whitening. Oh yes, I'm very fun at parties. 🙂 For some folks, focusing 100% on one client niche is heaven. For me, I lasted about a year before I started going nuts. I wasn't thrilled about landing new cosmetic dentistry clients. I didn't want to write [...]

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    Did Your Client Change Your Copy? Do This, Not That

    It happens to the best writers. We write a blog post or sales page that (in our humble opinion) knocks it out of the park. We love the page. The client (or our boss) says that she loves the page. Everyone is happy and can't wait for the rankings to roll in. Then, a few days later, you make a weird discovery. The page that's uploaded to the site -- the one you slaved over and your client "loved" -- is way different. Like botched plastic surgery different. Your client or boss changed the headline, rewrote some [...]

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    Yes! It’s OK to Stop Providing That Service

    I have a confession. I've hated blogging for clients since the beginning of blog time.  I've tried. It's not my thing. That's why any blogging leads automatically go into my "refer to one of my students" file. Here's why I bring this up... A new coaching client of mine (::waving to her::) admitted that she also hates blogging. She's sucked it up all this time because her clients asked for it -- and she wanted to know if it's OK to stop blogging and to focus on white papers instead (what she loves writing.) Here's the [...]

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    29 Reasons to Fire a Client (Yes, It’s OK to Do!)

    Does it feel like you need permission to fire a client -- especially now? I get it. I do.  It's easy to put our needs on hold and think, "I don't love working with this client, but it's not so bad." At the same time, you may be losing sleep, dreading the work, and wishing that the client would just...go away. Here's a news flash... Life is too short to work with clients who don't serve you. The sooner you can (lovingly) release a client, the sooner you can find a better fit to fill their shoes. [...]

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    No, You’re Not Writing Your Blog Posts “Too Slowly.” Here’s Why…

    Do you look at other writers and think, "How can they write so much so fast? There must be something wrong with me"? Do you beat yourself up because it takes you hours to write a blog post? I have bad news for you, my friend. It sounds like you're suffering from a bad case of FOWS. Fear of writing (too) slowly. Symptoms include: • Reading "writing hacks" articles that teach you how you can write a 1,500-word blog post in 15-minutes (and then feeling like a failure because the hacks never work.) • Drinking lots of caffeine [...]

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    Freelance Writers: Here’s Why the Word No Is So Powerful

    I've written three, totally different newsletter drafts over the past week. But when I got up this morning, I felt compelled to share the most powerful word in my personal and professional arsenal right now. No. Why am I writing about the power of saying "no" when I could be writing about links or content or writing yet another piece of Peloton marketing brilliance? Because many of you are struggling.  As we've discussed before, you're probably not working at peak efficiency -- no matter how much self care you're able to enjoy (assuming you're able [...]

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