Are You Fired Up? Or Frozen?

    Are you so overwhelmed, you can barely function – much less strategize an editorial calendar or write? Are you operating in an "I'm just doing the bare minimum" mindset? Last week's newsletter touched a nerve. After hitting "send," I was flooded with responses about what you're dealing with. You're marketing your tails off, but you're not getting business. You're stuck in a job that doesn't appreciate your talents. You know you're capable of "more" – but you don't have the energy to figure out what "more" means. You remember when you used to be a [...]

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    What Are You Tolerating?

    I did something scary last week. After a 15-year relationship, I finally broke up with my hosting provider. Sure, their service was generally okay. But, there were always these little annoyances I'd have to work around. Some of them cost money. All of them cost time. I'd wake up at 3 a.m. thinking about bandwidth issues or slow server speeds. I stayed with them purely out of inertia and the fear of how much it would cost to move somewhere else. Today was the final straw. (Mansplaining? Really?)  I knew it was time to stop [...]

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    Find High Paying Freelance Writing Clients. Here’s How!

    Are you tired of bidding on jobs, only to be told you're "too expensive?" Are you having problems making ends meet, and "feast or famine" mode is burning you out? Yup, I hear you.   Job sites like Upwork are an easy way to bid on multiple projects. BUT, there's a downside... Prospects are often flooded with responses. Plus, many folks choose content writers on cost -- not experience. That means you have to lower your prices to compete. Or, take what you can get...and struggle in the meantime. Neither option is good. Try this instead... [...]

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    Here’s Why Entrepreneurs Need to Ditch the “Too Busy” Excuse

    You know those days when you work your butt off, but it feels like you have nothing to show for it?   This week was one of those weeks. Sure, I can blame feeling under the weather. I can blame the pandemic. I can blame a yummy (but decadent) dinner hangover. Here's what my problem really was... I was working -- hard -- on tasks. But, none of them were important. It was all busywork that distracted me from what would really make an impact. In short, I did this to myself. The thing is, I see [...]

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    Freelance Writers: Choose Just One Thing

    Are you still feeling scattered and overwhelmed  -- even if you feel that you should be "over it" by now? You're not alone. Although pandemic-style living almost feels "normal" after all this time, our stress levels are still sky high. Between COVID-19 concerns, worrying about our loved ones, social injustice, and wondering if it's safe to get a haircut -- our brains our full. And that means coming to terms with certain realties: The workload you could handle in January is probably not the same workload you can handle now -- no matter how good you are. Your [...]

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    Freelance Writers: Is Fear Holding You Back?

    Is your fear holding you back from SEO copywriting success? At first read, you may think, "Fear? My fear isn't holding me back from success. Things are great!" If you work in-house, you may think... "Our home page copy isn't the best, but it's ranking well. I don't want to change it and cause our rankings to drop." "I hired a VA a few years ago. Her work was horrible. I'll never outsource again. It was a dreadful experience." "I know we need to do something with our site, but what if it doesn't work? [...]

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