I did something scary last week.

After a 15-year relationship, I finally broke up with my hosting provider.

Sure, their service was generally okay. But, there were always these little annoyances I’d have to work around. Some of them cost money. All of them cost time. I’d wake up at 3 a.m. thinking about bandwidth issues or slow server speeds.

I stayed with them purely out of inertia and the fear of how much it would cost to move somewhere else. Today was the final straw. (Mansplaining? Really?) 

I knew it was time to stop tolerating a so-so situation.

Right now, I feel great. Like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The physical sensation was surprising — I had no idea how much the situation was stressing me out.

It was obviously time to say goodbye.

Oddly, I wasn’t the only one who had a huge “aha” moment after making a change…

Right after my “breakup,” I received a note from a newsletter subscriber that filled my heart with happiness. He said that he finally told a long-term client, “No, I will not write a 1,000 word blog post for $30.” 

Was the client upset? Yes. But, the client also agreed with the rate change and has thrown even MORE work his way.

How did the writer feel after raising his rates?

“It’s funny. I felt much less encumbered. It’s like the weight of trying to produce for peanuts has been lifted. I feel like I no longer have to settle for peanuts! That earns a great big WOW!”

Wow, indeed. 🙂

Tolerating so-so situations takes a LOT of energy.

You may work with a freelancer whose work is decent, but it takes a lot of editing time to make their work pop. 

Or, your desk is filled with piles of paperwork. Sure, you can find what you need…but it takes a while.

Or, your business hasn’t felt “right” in a long time. You fantasize about working at Starbucks for a livable wage and health insurance benefits.

Sometimes, you can even feel that stress in your body. I know I would tense up every time I received an email from my hosting provider. 

We may have a lot of excuses about why the situation is “just fine” and “not a big deal.” When, in fact, what’s going on is dragging us down and preventing us from finding better alternatives.

We stay out of loyalty, inertia, and fear. We stay because it’s easier.

Sometimes, we stay because we don’t think we deserve more.

Here’s the reality…

Dealing with those situations head-on may feel messy or like a time-suck, or they may even be emotionally painful.

But, NOT dealing with them will cost you more time and more emotional stress, and they will reduce your overall efficiency.

And yes, you do deserve more.

We ALL have something in our lives that we’re tolerating. Often, we don’t notice right away. But when we do notice — and decide to act on our feelings — it’s amazing how empowering it feels.

(And oddly, those things we were afraid of turn out to be no big deal.)

We’re free.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to blast some Taylor Swift music and sing about the hosting provider that did me wrong. It’s going to feel soooo good. 🙂

What are YOU tolerating?

What do you need to kick to the curb? Leave a comment and let me know what’s on your mind. It will be great to hear from you!