Are you so overwhelmed, you can barely function – much less strategize an editorial calendar or write?

Are you operating in an “I’m just doing the bare minimum” mindset?

Last week’s newsletter touched a nerve. After hitting “send,” I was flooded with responses about what you’re dealing with.

You’re marketing your tails off, but you’re not getting business.

You’re stuck in a job that doesn’t appreciate your talents.

You know you’re capable of “more” – but you don’t have the energy to figure out what “more” means.

You remember when you used to be a firecracker and nothing stood in your way.

Now your fire has fizzled.

I hear you. I do.

Right now, many folks feel like nothing they do will make a difference. Everything is spiraling out of control. All they can do is hold on.

There’s a better way.

Fired-up versus freezing up

We’ve all experienced times when we’re ready to take on the world.

For instance, the launch of a new business or the start of a new job can invigorate us and make us feel unstoppable.

Life feels GREAT during our fired-up times!

But, when things feel uncertain, and you’re not getting the results you want, it’s easy to freeze up and do nothing.

You spend too much time on Facebook stressing about the news.

You find yourself answering stupid emails instead of marketing your business.

Unfortunately, freezing up makes things worse. You don’t make progress. You don’t see results. And that makes you freeze up even more.

How to un-freeze yourself and get stuff done.

In the blog Barking Up the Wrong Tree, the author, Eric Barker, interviewed a Navy bomb disposal expert about how to get out of a “frozen” state. The expert said:

“When you have something to concentrate on, your mind can remain focused no matter what’s happening. If there is some kind of device and you need to do something and you’re clearly in a hazardous situation, you knew what the next step was. If you were sitting there and had no idea what to do, that would be really terrifying. When you have the next step in your mind, then that’s what you focus on.”

It’s all about the baby steps, and doing ONE thing a day that serves you.

Think about what this means to you.

Is it time to baby-step towards starting your own business?

Is it time to check out LinkedIn and look for a new job?

Is it time to send ONE email to a writer you admire and say, “Hey, is there any way I can help you?”

Don’t worry about doing everything right now. Just do one thing, every day. Even small things count. That’s it.

You won’t change your situation overnight. But it will change. You will un-freeze.

And you’ll finally start to feel that fire in your belly again.

What do you think?

How do YOU want to get fired up? Leave a comment and let me know!